I started a blog in April of 2014 to carry out my love of seeing, listening to and finding new music and sharing it with other people. Now Musick LA has expanded to a weekly radio show with a quarterly producer showcase called STUESDAYS and yearly music festival, Out There Musick Festival. These new platforms are still dedicated to spotlighting movers and shakers in indie, electronic, hip hop and other experimental sounds which is the Musick LA mission statement. I want to help people discover new interesting and fun music. My sole objective is to provide people with not only music they might want to hear, but music they NEED to hear.

Being based in LA has given me more than enough amazing opportunities to not only have a presence online, but a physical presence within the best city of music in the world!

Thank you for stopping by and reach out about anything.


Send any submissions (music, articles, etc.) to themusickla@gmail.com


Musick LA Radio airs LIVE –

Fridays 7-8AM PST on Bff.fm 


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