Ta-ku – ‘Songs to Make Up To’ EP

‘Songs to Make Up To’ is one of those EP’s that you thought had been out for ages because everyone’s been talking about it for that long. Just released yesterday, this set of moving tracks is the follow up to Ta-ku’s previous release ‘Songs to Break Up To’, an EP released about about a year ago.

Ta-ku is one of the most arts driven creatives you’ll hear about today. The sound he is now famous for producing, is a significant statement on where he artistically. On top of making music, he runs an arts collective, Create & Explore that materializes projects that collaborate sight and sound, more specifically, beat-makers and photographers.

This EP represents something important that is occurring in music; the ability to interpret and explore the many diverse realms of sound, and create something absolutely beautiful with it. This is staple of the Future Classic label. The EP features voice talent by the amazing JMSN and Jordan Rakei.

He released the ‘Songs to Make Up To’ on youtube – listen to the full length version below! There is also the option to buy it at the top right hand corner of the video screen.

[Image from Ta-ku’s Facebook]


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