“Here” Device Lets You Customize the Way You Hear Music at Festivals (Oh, and How you Hear The World)

The future is “Here”. These two wireless earbuds plus smart phone app give you the ability to alter how you hear the world with equalizer settings, volume controls and other presets. You can tune out baby cries, up the bass level at a concert, and dissolve crowd chatter while you try to work.

“Here” was created by budding audio experts Doppler Labs, who are also responsible for Dubs ear plugs (you might recognize the name if you attended Coachella this year). They launched a Kickstarter that took flight with a goal of 250,000 raised funds and have reached the goal just yesterday.

Being an avid live music attender and music listener, I’m drawn in by the vast opportunities this device presents. The ability to live EQ main stage at Coachella? To turn down the volume at a show so that you can finally get in the pit without having your ears blown out? The sense of hearing is such a delicate one, I’m curious to know how the world will react to this invention. Will it be accepted or seen as a device bringing us closer to the humanoid age? It is a fascinating device, but is the world ready?


Watch the video at their Kickstarter campaign to learn more about it!



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