A few days ago, Los Angeles band StaG released their second EP entitled “Dig up Stupid”, an electrifying group of tracks filled with thumping kick, slick riffs, and some occasional screaming. The whole EP sounds amazing and is based around a theme of cyclical thought patterns (a themed EP?! amazing). One song stood out to me the most; the last song, ‘Loneliness Comes’, a track about being stuck in a cyclical pattern about a breakup, categorized into 4 stages of attempting to get past it only to sink back into loneliness. Matt Mcguire of StaG gave me some insight on the meaning of the song:

“Starting with an honest attempt to get back out there and ending with placing the blame on myself and how I treat all relationships, not just the one. The chorus, though, acts as a sort of denial of the whole problem. I know it’s an issue, but I act like it’ll only get real bad in some future time, thus isolating myself further.”

The five and a half minute long 80’s flashback sounding anthem starts with the lyric “it’s easier to drink when I don’t want someone new. It’s easier to drink when there’s no one left but you”. Thoughts that I’m sure have flitted across minds of those that have been amidst a break up.

Matt and Will, the founders of the band come from a very informed background in music and song writing. I’m always intrigued by what they end up delivering musically. Songs that are an experimental balance between indie rock with sound frequencies from some other distant land or time, accompanied with lyrics that are always meaningful.

Listen to “Loneliness Comes” below and be sure to listen to the rest of their EP on Spotify or Soundcloud!


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