Alpha Pup Records represents a roster of labels that churn out todays most innovative music minds spanning over funk, electronic and hip hop. It is no surprise that a track like ‘Tense Present’ by artist Scallops Mind would find it’s way on their Soundcloud feed. At first listen, it’s more comical than pleasant. A Massive Attack-esque guitar riff plays throughout accompanied by various other underlying experimental sounds. Scallops swiftly raps about coasters being a part of “rich folks homes” and his first rap song being made to “lament Sammy Sosa” (who is still alive by the way). He references a spell from Harry Potter and continues with his spoken word style rap flow.

After the song was complete I labeled it psychedelic hip-hop and proceeded to listen again and found myself really intrigued by the style. It’s different and merges two genres that are rarely are seen in the same room. Definitely a 420 track (if you’re into that sort of thing). Scallops reassures throughout “If you’re ok, I’m ok.” Listen below!


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