Meet Rose Windows. Signed by Sub Pop records, they hail from Seattle with a powerful grungey psych rock sound. But I don’t want to restrict them to these few explanatory words, they’ve got an expansive sound throughout their catalog that hits several corners under the umbrella genres of rock, funk, blues and folk. Rose Windows is refreshingly eclectic.

‘The Wanton Song’ released today, is a mesmerizing cover of the Led Zeppelin original. You immediately feel like you’re in a gritty bar in the deep south, sweaty civilians dancing in slow motion to the molasses like tempo. For most of the track, it’s easy going with quick jabs of fuzzy, flavorful guitar riffs and soulful humming. We’re left with a twanging guitar solo near the finale that’s powerful and almost disturbing. This is the kind of track you’d hear in a ‘True Blood’ episode.

Listen below and, like the track says “lose your senses, lose command”.

[Photo courtesy of Sub Pop Records]


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