Soundcloud was established in Berlin August of 2007 as a platform for musicians to share music with one another. We all know since then, the medium has transformed into something much bigger and is currently the main source of underground music discovery in the world.

I did some research on some artists that I love, scrolling deep into their Soundcloud accounts to see how far back I’d get. There’s no telling if these are literally their “first Soundcloud posts” but it’s gotta be damn near close. Some of these artists have posts from up to 5 years ago, before they were being featured on major music blogs or headlining the biggest music festivals around the globe. It’s quite fascinating! Listen below 🙂


RL Grime – ‘Die 4 Me’ (4 Years Ago)


Chet Faker – ‘North (Chet Faker Minor Edit) (4 Years Ago)


Toro Y Moi – ‘Causers of This’ (6 Years Ago)


Flying Lotus – ‘Bilal “Levels” (flying lotus remix) (3 Years Ago)


Flume – ‘Paper Thin’ (4 Years Ago)


Warpaint – ‘Set Your Arms Down’ (4 Years Ago)


Real Estate – ‘Easy’ (3 Years Ago)


Skrillex – ‘Remixes’ (5 Years Ago)


Baths – ‘Exit The Mine’ (3 Years Ago)


Tokimonsta – ‘Project Tokimonsta – Almost Free’ (5 Years Ago)


SBTRKT – ‘Jamlock’ (5 Years Ago)


Tycho – ‘Adrift’ (5 Years Ago)


Ryan Hemsworth – ‘Richard Shaw’ (4 Years Ago)


Poolside – ‘Do You Believe’ (4 Years Ago)


Cashmere Cat – ‘Chad Valley – Shell Sweet (Cashmere Cat Remix)’ (3 Years Ago)


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