Taylor McFerrin is one of Brainfeeders newest, very promising artists. But although new to the label, he is no newbie to the music scene. Scrolling down his Soundcloud page, he’s got tracks posted 4 years back. I don’t even think I had a Soundcloud account 4 years ago. He first caught my attention mid last year with three tranquilizing tracks that were a part of his Early Riser EP. Each one exuding with fucking good ass vibes (pardon my french). His production stems from lots of jazz and soul influences mixed with modern electronic and hip hop production; a lot of great decision making in the execution creating a sound that music lovers can enjoy as well as appreciate. He’s got a very smart and perfectly equalized strategy in tapping into all of these genres without getting messy with it.

Thus far, Taylors been keeping on the down low for the most part, performing live very sporadically and not often but this year it seems like he will kick into gear with some newly announce Spring tour dates across North America. He played in Eagle Rock not too long ago, but as soon as he’s back in LA, I definitely plan on attending the show. In the meantime, he’s got four breathtaking EP/LP’s to listen to on his Soundcloud or below!



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