The best part about listening to so much music is forgetting about a lot of songs you hear. Sounds backwards, I know, but then those moments happen. Last week, you were scrolling through you Soundcloud stream, “liking” songs left and right, not knowing if you’re particularly crazy about them but wanting to save them for later just in case. Then, after a long day at work, you switch on your likes and chill for the ride. A song plays that you can’t remember even listening to, let alone liking but you decide, you’re obsessed.

This scenario is why it took me a while to post this amazing EP from Netherlands producer Tev Woods. The EP album artwork as the sole reason I clicked play on my morning commute to work where I try to listen to as much random Soundcloud shit as possible. Later on in the day coming back home, I played my likes and was blown away. The EP is nothing less then epic, ‘Walls’ being my favorite track. It’s the perfect mix of delicate and weighty production and vocal decisions. You’ll feel like you’re in an ethereal wasteland one second, and the next in a grimey warehouse rave south of the 10 freeway. Either way, you’ll definitely feel Far From Home. 



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