Since acoustic soul singer Malia released her self titled EP five months ago, she’s gained a nice following not just in LA, but all over the world! (Read her interview with themuSICKLA here.) Her hit single ‘Satisfaction’ has nearly 115,000 listens on Souncloud and it’s not looking to slow down anytime soon.

Her journey continues with the release of a new beautiful single, ‘Lovestruck’ which hit the internet yesterday. A much anticipated release, it is exactly what fans have been wanting since the EP. Sultry and sophisticated, feel good music that oozes positivity. When I asked Malia about the new single she stated, “The song really just came together so naturally. I wrote the hook and then teamed up with my writing partner Rose, and finished the song. I want to make people feed good when they listen.” Trust me girl, we are feeling all the good vibes.

The amazing cover art was done by Megan Farley Art.

Malia sporadically plays around the LA so be sure to follow her on all social medias for updates!



Instagram: @malia_kc




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