I think we can all agree that in todays day an age, it’s all about the single individual song, not the album. It’s hard for our generation to commit to a full album of listening time without feeling the need to listen to someone else. We’re always ready to move onto what’s next.

Here are 10 (less obvious) FULL albums I dig and a song from each to get you started off. I think these are great not only in sound but cohesiveness and structure. In no particular order.

All available to stream on Spotify or Soundcloud.



EonsMimicking Birds (Chill Alternative Rock/Folk)


AtlasReal Estate (Mellow Beachy Rock)


MarsSinkane (Sudanese Pop/Funk)


GoddessChrome Sparks (Experimental Electronic)


The God ComplexGoldlink (Rap, Hip-Hop)


Ocean Death Baths (Experimental)


Sound MirrorSyd Arthur (Rock/Jazz)


Letherette – letherette (Electronic, Disco)


TropicalPompeya (Funk)


SukieraeTweedy (Rock)


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