Australia just keeps on giving. I present to you ANOTHER Aussie producer that’s nailed the Future Classic sound that they’ve now grown mega popular for. Goldielocks’ sound is very close to that of Flumes. At first it made me uneasy, but isn’t that what happens across genres as they grow bigger and bigger? As soon as someone hits a sound that the world is responding positively to, many will follow suit and explore it on their own. Same goes for indie, hop-hop, trap, pop, you name it (DUH). Flume has pioneered his own sub-genre of EDM. Look at that.

Goldielocks dropped his single ‘Moonbeam’ a couple months ago that I can’t stop listening to. Prior to that, he released his amazing EP ‘Breathe’, “an exploration of movement. Influenced by a new wave of electronic/hip hop/psychedelic music from artists like Flying Lotus, Jamie xx, Nicolas Jaar, Seekae, and XXYYXX amongst others.”


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