Skrillex Brings “All-Free” Music Label to the World

If you were one of the biggest DJ’s on the planet, what would you do? The amount of influence you have is vast; so vast, it’s impossible to know exactly how much. With this is mind, a common venture amongst huge musical artists is creating music labels. Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Diddy, etc. have all done it. Sonny Moore, also known as Skrillex has just recently joined the music label bandwagon, but in a slightly different fashion.

Nest HQ Logo

Nest HQ Logo

The label goes under the name Nest, already giving it a nurturing feel. It is deemed an “all-free” label under Nest HQ, a creative collective run by Skrillex, Jonah Barry and a few other fellas. Nest HQ writes in their about section on their website, “The concept of Nest HQ is simple really. It is a transparent vantage point into this culture that we all share and have created together…We really want to show and SHARE the passions we have for stuff that we like and that just makes us feel good. And that’s what life is all about.” I almost cried reading the rest. Mission statements like this are why I want to be a part of the music community.

Music labels like this spring up everyday, so why is this different? Not only is there a genuine passion behind this, there is the name, influence and connections of a major music mogul.

The label aims to split showcase works from both established and rising artists making this one of the coolest things I’ve ever stumbled across.  This will be a game changer for new artists looking for a way to get their music out there. The website is already jam packed with awesome remixes and collaborations from artists like Disclosure. It also features interviews with Boyz Noize and AC Slater, the first to be signed to the free label. I really look forward to everything Nest has to offer from here on out.

Take a hug bite out of one of their “Music Treats” from Disclosure and Friend Within – Mechanism

Follow Nest HQ on Twitter Soundcloud and Facebook 

Visit the Nest website here and soak it all in.



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