Favorite Albums of 2014 So Far


Tolerance - Incan Abraham

Tolerance – Incan Abraham

Supermodel - Foster the People

Supermodel – Foster the People

Voices - Phantogram

Voices – Phantogram

Recess - Skrillex

Recess – Skrillex







Some great new albums from 2014 are keeping me coming back. I usually give myself about a few weeks to let an album sink in, if I’m still diggin it after then, it’s golden in my eyes. Here are a few of my current picks. If there are any other albums you think I should listen to, please let me know I’m dying to hear it!


Tolerance – Incan Abraham

I looked up this band after seeing that they were having a show at the Bootleg theater (one of my favorite LA music venues) celebrating the release of their 2014 album “Tolerance”. I wasn’t able to make it out and was sorry I hadn’t. Apparently the indie native LA band is known to put on a mesmerizing show with a signature backdrop that fans that frequent the bands shows, will recognize. They take the audience into a psychedelic trance and the crowd is willing. “Toulumne” is my favorite song of the album which also happens to the be the single. The video is an interesting watch that will have you pondering at what you just watched when it comes to an end. The song is a mellow, synthy somewhat surfer rock kind of track that you’ll want to listen to after taking a bong rip. The rest of the album follows suit, making the album a lovely, consistent piece of work. I see them getting very big in the next couple years if not this year. Here’s to Coachella 2015???


Recess – Skrillex

Skrilly Skrill is my guy. He’s one of the first EDM artists you’ve ever heard of with groundbreaking tracks like “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, “Bangarang” and countless joint track with other huge EDM artists, and has still managed to stay relevant through the evolution that the EDM scene has experienced in just the past few years. His recent projects have been “Dog Blood” with Boize Noise and “JackU” with Diplo; two genus combinations. The JackU set from Ultra Music Fest that took place just last weekend in Miami, will have you jumping up and down in your living room for the full hour that it lasts. Skrillex never fails to bring the energy and he definitely doesn’t let us down with his new album, awesomely titled “Recess”. My first listen through, I was so blown away. You can hear influences from Major Lazer (“Ragga Bomb”) , Disclosure (“Fuck That”) and others, while still keeping it his. He is truly a revolutionary EDM artist that will continue to evolve without straying away from what makes him Skrillex. Play this at your next party and just watch everyone bang their heads and shake their butts.


Supermodel – Foster the People

Foster the People is back in the spotlight with their second album “Supermodel”. Sophomore albums are always the hard especially after the hoopla surrounding “Torches” (2011) their addictive first album. I was worried they’d be a one hit wonder and end up fading away. They proved me wrong; not only is this album a great follow up, it’s better! They kept their signature sound and pushed it a little further with a more mature and diverse sound. The album starts off with “Are You What You Want To Be?” that’s a head bobber with a hint of salsa inducing bass lines over the verses. “Ask Yourself” and “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon” are my favorites from the album; the first being a masterful piece of bass, violins and acoustic strumming, the latter being a U2 inspired rock track that was nothing but a pleasant surprise from the  LA indie pop band. I honestly think every song is incredible and overall, the album is an eclectic mix of pop, rock, and sounds we fell in love with from the first album. That voice! Am I right?? Seeing them live at Coachella this weekend is going to be a dream come true.


Voices – Phantogram

I am so late to the Phantogram bandwagon but I really do not care. Better late than never I always say! I’d heard a couple songs from their 2009 album “Eyelid Movies” like the spacey “Mouthful of Diamonds” but never knew who was behind the tune. This year, Phantogram hits us with the captivating collection of songs titled “Voices”. The band consists of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, who’s vocals can make the mentally insane calm down. Those matched with the magical guitar work and electronic effects, make this album both unique and fun. “Black Out Days” and “The Day You Died” are the songs you play as you cruise down the highway, windows open on your way to Malibu. “I Don’t Blame You” is the song you play in your room after you’ve just broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. “Howling at the Moon” is the song you play once you’ve gotten over said ex and feel like dancing and feeling free. There’s a song in here for everyone. Pure talent from these two. I look forward to following them.


Links provided by Vimeo and Soundcloud. Images provided by Google images.


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